Chinese Characters Guessing 3

Chinese Characters Guessing 3

Chinese Characters Guessing 3

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데이브 [영어 한국어 일어 중국어 발음 차이 3탄] English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese Pronunciation Difference 3

guess a Pictographs Chinese Characters by 4 pictures of tips about the evolution of the Pictographs Chinese Characters.
The game is a creativeand easy-to-hand-on game. to kids,will cultivate their cognition to the forms of Chinese Characters and their interests. In the game, riddles, clues, answers and explanations are all illustratedand contained Chinese People wisdom and ancient culture.

100 Pictographs Chinese Characters, 400 pictures of tips,stutors the kids on the evolution of those Pictographs Chinese Characters vividly and step by step. The game can help the kids learn and keep in their minds of a Pictographs Chinese Character in one minutes, and make them enjoy the Chinese Characters Learning. See what’s in it,Download it now !

Features of the game:

1.To learn a Chinese Characters on it’s image and culture by the animated illustration of its pic to graphic evolution.

2.The interesting riddles will jump out randomly in every few barriers of the game, with vivid rhyme,and easy to be memorized by the kids.

3.The various and virtual incentives,to the kids as rewards for their learning of Chinese Characters,will result in a feeling of success achieved continuously to the kids, and build up the confidence and interests to learn more to them.

The Game of “Chinese Characters Guessing” is invested by IN CASE EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED,a Hong Kong Company. It aims to provide excellent customer experience of App. Usage to the people who are interested in Learning of Chinese Characters. The game is developed as series App and covers different Categories, such as Biology, Cognition, Livings, Word Puzzle, and Self-challeng of Chinese Characters Learning(Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ)with the efforts made by linguists, kids education tutors in the field of creative thinking development. The game of Chinese Characters Guessingis developed base on the combination of Characters and Creative Thinking of Chinese Characters images, to help people get the cognition of Chinese Characters, and as well as reveal the essentials and evolution of Chinese Characters in a simple, direct and interesting way.